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Armenia’s Ararat Valley – a sacred place for global dialogue

The geopolitical mosaic has been going through drastic changes recently. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the continuous Turkish-Azeri aggression and ethnic cleansing against Artsakh and Armenia as well as the rise of Erdoganocracy have signaled a big reshuffle in the world.

Happy Armenian Army day!

Happy Armenian Army day!
The Armenian army is one of the key institutions for accomplishing the main goal articulated in the declaration (https://networkstate.io/en/declaration/) of the Armenian Network State - ``The goal of the Armenian Network State is to build a free, united and sovereign Armenia, as well as to ensure the security and protection of the rights of the World Armenians anywhere in the world.``

Armenians – stop searching for a saviour-messiah, team up and work hard instead!

Armenians’ forefather Hayk did install that mentality of independence, self-determination, and sovereignty into the Armenian people several millennia ago.

Armenian Statehood stands above all

The tumultuous political climate after Armenia’s severe defeat in the Second Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) war in the Autumn 2020 has caused uproar within the 10 million World Armenians. That shocking loss of another land and the end of the Armenian presence in the major part of Artsakh has made Armenians work on finding ways out of the morass. History shows that big losses have sobered entire nations up and Armenians must not be an exception. One could already see how thousands of Armenians have changed their lifestyles – that is they have firmly decided to leave the pre-2020 comfort zones and double and triple their efforts to help the mother Armenia recover from the bitter 2020 loss.

E-lecture by the Greece's first ambassador to Armenia Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos

On November 17th the Foreign Affairs department of the Armenian Network State organized an e-lecture & e-discussion with Greece's first ambassador to Armenia, famous diplomat and Armenian Network State citizen Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos. Dozens of Armenian Network State citizens took part in the e-meeting, alongside a number of guests, author and former British diplomat William Mallinson among them. Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos shared his thoughts on who an ideal diplomat should be and brought interesting examples from his career. He then talked about his diplomatic mission and years spent in Armenia and brought up vivid memories. Then the e-meeting participants raised thought-provoking questions on current Azeri-Turkish aggression against Armenia, Artsakh and Cyprus issues as well as geopolitical mosaic of the MENA region the perspective of cooperation among the old civilizations. Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos gave out-of-box answers which will be discussed further at the weekly e-meetings of the Foreign Affairs department at the Armenian Network State. Closing the e-meeting, the Armenian Network State founder Vahram Ayvazyan thanked Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos and participants for the productive discussion and summed up the event by stressing the importance of the institutional memory that Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos has shared with the Foreign Affairs department of the Armenian Network State.

Press Release 16.11.21

Honorable Armenian Network State citizens,
I am sure you have already got the sad news of Azeri massive attack on Armenia, Syunik region. This is nothing but a terrorist act, massive war against Armenia, our sovereignty and against us - the World Armenians.
I have attached the official statement by the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs for your reference but you may find updates in Armenian and international media outlets. Link: https://www.mfa.am/en/interviews-articles-and-comments/2021/11/16/mfa_statement/11177
I hereby urge all of us - 276 Armenian Network State citizens to act united and accordingly:
1. Mobilize your (Armenian and non-Armenian) network;
2. Write to your governments, elected representatives and local officers about the Azeri attack on Armenia;
3. Write to international media outlets about the Azeri attack on Armenia in different languages and alert the international community;
4. Get ready for mobilizing all of the Armenian Network State's physical, mental and financial resources for the worst scenario - large-scale war.
5․ Exercise an overall Network pressure on the government of the Armenian statehood and demand determined military and diplomatic actions for decisive countermeasures against the Azeri large-scale terrorist attack against the Armenian statehood and the World Armenians.
I am sure that we - the World Armenians, are capable of overcoming this immense challenge if we act as a united body, at least within the Armenian Network State circles.
Please follow the instructions on the closed Slack platform of the Armenian Network State for further coordinated actions.
Please also note that we have decided to cancel tonight's e-meeting at the Department of Environment due to the current situation in and around Armenia.
Vahram Ayvazyan
Founder, Armenian Network State

World-Armenians - Unrealized opportunities

The speech of the Armenian Network State founder Vahram Ayvazyan on the unrealized opportunities of the World-Armenians. For the Q&A session of the meeting follow the link below.

Panel Discussion, Department of Foreign Affairs

On Sunday, October 10th the Armenian Network State’s Department of Foreign Affairs hosted a truly multinational panel discussion with prominent Armenian and international political and public figures, acting and former diplomats, political scientists, including Greece's first ambassador to Armenia, Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, George Bush Senior's speechwriter and the leader and spokesman in the Tea Party movement, Michael Johns, assistant to the current president of Armenia, Lilit Yeremyan, the former security advisor to the first president of Armenia, Vahan Avagyan, the prominent Armenian political scientist Saro Saroyan, community activist and founder of Keghart.org, Dikran Abrahamian, the prominent Canadian-Armenian scientist and community leader, Dr Arshavir Gundjian, Armenian Network State founder and international relations scholar Vahram Ayvazyan and many others. The panel discussion topics were as follows:
⁃ Afghanistan: Turk-Pakistani marriage and its implications for Armenia, India and Iran.
⁃ Supranational organizations; Church and Movements.
⁃ Armenian Network State: cooperation with other organizations and diasporas.
The panel paid a very particular attention to the issue of Diaspora's political participation in Armenia (the Declaration of the Armenian Network State has coined the term World Armenians). The discussions on the aforementioned topics will continue and the panelists will also share their proposals in the upcoming e-meetings.
There was also made a decision to postpone the discussion on the last topic (Iran's military exercises near Nakhijevan and Azerbaijan borders: possible skirmishes between Iran and Azerbaijan) until the upcoming e-meeting as new developments around Iran-Azerbaijan conflict are on stage. As an ending note, a number of e-meeting participants (who were at our e-meetings for the 1st time) became citizens of the Armenian Network State afterwards.

Armenian and Indian Diasporas: Roadmap for Cooperation

People within the Armenian and Indian diasporas are currently facing vehement challenges and Armenia and India are in a perpetual fight with the belligerent triangle. So the diasporas of both nations should build a robust cooperation system to help the homelands and enlarge their reach in their respective host destinations and global areas.

Vahram Ayvazyan on CNN comments on Turkey’s role in Afghanistan

The Founder of Armenian Network State Vahram Ayvazyan stressed the direct involvement of Turkey and Pakistan in Afghanistan during an interview with the Indian “CNN-News18” on September 17. According to Ayvazyan, “Turkey has actually never denied its involvement in Afghanistan.” He particularly notes that Turkey has, in fact, claimed its craving to have a significant presence there. Ayvazyan also refers to the fact that both Pakistan and Turkey were heavily involved in the 2020 Artsakh war, pointing up the need for the international community to acknowledge the so-called “ugly marriage” between these two countries. He explains Turkey’s involvement as an attempt to expand its influence not only in South Caucasus, but also in Central Asia.

A hundred years ago, France let go of the Armenians

It was a hundred years ago – France and Kemalist Turkey signed an agreement which sealed the abandonment of Cilicia and with it the Armenian population who had placed their hopes on the “eldest daughter of the Church”.
On this occasion, it was appropriate to return to this dark page in our history and to be able to draw lessons from it.

A new February Uprising in Armenia?

The events held in Armenia after the early elections of the National Assembly on June 20 2021, are more and more reminiscent of the situation in Armenia before the February revolt of 1921, a burst of despair that had catastrophic historical and political consequences for Armenia.

Pakistan Deploys Turkish and Chinese Drones in Afghanistan

Following a hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban took over almost the entire country in the blink of an eye. Almost all districts of Afghanistan (except Panjshir) quickly fell to the Taliban blitzkrieg as they overwhelmed the Afghan Security Forces. Over the past few weeks, scholars and diplomats have been furiously discussing exactly how the Taliban could have overwhelmed and taken over the country so quickly.

Kabul Airport Attack Exposes ‘Good Boy and Bad Boy’ Plan of Pakistani ISI

As the Afghan crisis exploded suddenly and took the center stage of the international political scene, its reverberations on countries in neighboring regions, including Armenia, are important to watch carefully. The following article by Armenian Network State Foreign Affairs Think Tank is a detailed scrutiny of the players involved in that complex saga, which particularly concerns Afghanistan’s two large neighbors, the countries of India and Pakistan.

Baroness Caroline Cox delivered a lecture-discussion to the Armenian Network State citizens

One of Armenia's best friends, Baroness Caroline Cox delivered a thought-provoking lecture-discussion to the citizens of the Armenian Network State.
The Baroness talked about her impressive journey, the HART - Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust as well as the Artsakh issue and the Turkish-Azeri aggression against the Armenian nation during the 1.5-hour e-meeting. Caroline Cox's teammates at the HART also took part in the e-meeting.
An interesting discussion took place with a number of important questions addressed to The Baroness. The e-meeting was concluded with an agreement of the establishment of coordinated cooperation between the Armenian Network State and HART.
The e-meeting and discussion was conducted by the Armenian Network State founder Vahram Ayvazyan.


Armenia and India have had civilizational, cultural, socio-political and economic ties for millennia. It is needless to underscore the paramount importance of even closer and strategic ties between Armenia and India in this ongoing capricious political climate. The 2020’s 44-day aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia and the spread of jihadism in the South Caucasus, the fall of Afghanistan into Talibs’ hands and the intensifying political romance of the belligerent triangle – Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan have made it clear that India and Armenia have no other way out of the aforementioned geopolitical morass than maximizing the cooperation between the 2 oldest civilizations on all levels, including out-of government relationships.
Armenian Network State is a pan-Armenian movement uniting the World Armenians, aiming to build a free, united, sovereign and prosperous Armenia, as well as to ensure the security and protection of the rights of the Armenians everywhere in the world by consolidating the intellectual and financial resources of the World Armenians. Armenian Network State is a pan-Armenian movement uniting the World Armenians, aiming to build a free, united, sovereign and prosperous Armenia, as well as to ensure the security and protection of the rights of the Armenians everywhere in the world by consolidating the intellectual and financial resources of the World Armenians.