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Declaration of the Armenian Network State

We, the representatives of World Armenians,

Taking into account the existential threats and security challenges that the World Armenians and
Armenian civilization face, which commenced with Armenian massacres that occurred in the Ottoman
Empire at the end of the 19th century, partially carried out through the Armenian Genocide of 1915,
Turkish armies’ invasions to Eastern Armenia in 1918 and 1920, then annexation of the Republic of
Armenia by an illegal treaty signed between Russia and Turkey in 1921 in Moscow;
Stating that the Armenian people face the same existential threats and security challenges in the 21st
century, especially after the war unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey on September 27, 2020, and after
the dismemberment of Armenian Artsakh by the Russian-Turkish consent;
Being convinced that the sustenance of the Armenian people can be ensured only in the territory of its
origin and historical development – the Armenian Highlands, and that the World Armenians as an ethnic
unit with a unique identity can survive and develop only under a viable Armenian statehood;
United around the idea of protection and development of the Armenian statehood,

We Declare

The establishment of the Armenian Network State.
Our goal is to build a free, united and sovereign Armenia, as well as to ensure the security and protection
of the rights of the World Armenians anywhere in the world.

Our objectives are:

a. Consolidation of intellectual and material resources of the World Armenians;
b. Establishment of systems and mechanisms ensuring the sovereignty and continuous
development of the Armenian statehood;
c. Overcoming the security challenges that the Armenian statehood and the World Armenians face;
d. The protection and development of the Armenian civilization.
We establish cooperation with each other by observing the following principles:
a. Equality, as it is the main guarantee for human well-being;
b. Freedom, as the denial of dictatorship is at the core of our national identity;
c. Respectful treatment, as everyone who displays activity in public and national affairs, deserves
d. Trust, as any union can succeed if unfounded suspicions and dissatisfactions do not harm the
common cause;
e. Initiative, as problems are solved only through targeted efforts;
f. Consistency, as problems that the Armenian statehood and World Armenians face, as well as
challenges threatening physical and spiritual security, are surmountable under any conditions;
g. Transparency, as one should be accountable to citizens for their efforts, as well as for their
intellectual and material resources, fully meeting their expectations;
h. Non-partisanship, as separations and dissidence over political visions, are unacceptable for any
i. Pluralism, as restrictions on expression, conscience, religion and other beliefs and notions
abolish any cooperation for Armenians guided by ethnic identity.

We affirm that the Armenian Network State:

a. Is pan-Armenian cooperation with Armenia as its center, in the framework of which every citizen
is guided by “Armenia-centrism”, i.e. based on a philosophy “all for Armenian statehood”;
b. Ensures the rebuilding of the public value system and establishment of a demanding elite aimed
at state and national interests;
c. Carries out the protection and development of the Armenian statehood and Armenian
civilization through its citizens, structures and mechanisms;
d. Carries out the protection of its citizens regardless of their place of residence through its
structures and mechanisms.

Be Part of the Network State